Rejoice! The earth is awakening, new life He brings to the land.

If you listen closely, you”ll hear it wake from its slumber.

The dark cold earth is softening in the springtime sun,

Rejoicing as it escapes from its frozen tomb.

The farmer readies himself to prepare the land for its symphony of growth.

The sky is so crisp and blue.

The animals everywhere sense the change.

They relax in the warmth of the Father’s sun.

No longer do they have to stand tense against the harsh cold wind.

A little lamb frolics in the pasture,

A baby calf nuzzles its mother,

A colt tries to stand.

The grasses and field flowers burst forth in an ecstasy of green, violet, crimson, yellow and blue.

The trees seem to shout as they burst forth with new leaves.

Oh to see the earth come alive again,

to hear the birds singing their songs as if rejoicing–it is Spring!

The Lord is good to give us this season of awakening, of growth and promise.

Rejoice! It is Spring!

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Today I had lunch with an old friend. We haven’t been the kind of friends that call each other up everyday, or that see each other frequently. Our positions in life have kept us from truly fleshing out a friendship where we call each other at the drop of a hat, or pop by each others homes unannounced. That would be a great friendship to have with her! But that hasn’t been the case. It just hasn’t been possible. We’ve both been on different paths over the last 15 years. She’s traveled the cancer path twice, and I have traveled the divorce path. We had things in common long ago. Motherhood brought us together. I was a Mom of 3 and she was just beginning the journey of motherhood. She says I helped her out and offered advice. I don’t remember that too much! Now the tables have turned. I started reading her blog that she started in January. It has been very inspiring to me. Through her expression of the world around her and the things that inspire her, give her hope, and bring joy to her life, I realized how much more we have in common than just being Moms! She loves so many things that I love! Like being outside, hearing the birds sing, watching the birds at the feeder, taking photos of the things around her, cooking new recipes, the beach! And—- we both love to write! I haven’t been inspired to write in soooo long! She gave a Mother’s Day sermon on Dreams and the Dream Giver. It has really started me thinking about what really inspires me and what I dream about. Do I dream at all anymore? Anyway– today we had lunch. It was just a short time together, but we hit briefly on writing and doing a little everyday. I seem to be so busy always working and I hate it, but have no other choice. Today when she left I took the time to read a chapter or two from a book about writing from the heart. It inspired me to write down some ideas on what to write about. The ideas just rolled off. I wrote down over 60 things to write about! Hopefully those ideas will be fleshed out on this blog! But now my time is up and I must go to bed. How good it feels to be inspired and to plug into once again, the things that bring joy to ones heart. What lies inside of you that longs to come out? I hope to take the time to blog all the things that lie in my heart. So—- here’s to the journey!

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Hello world!

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